June 2015 Breakdown:

Shot 1: Before and After from Almost Human. Created clean plate for right side of shot so that the hologram effect could be utilized. Created hologram effect. Added UI effect to window.

Shot 2: Created and incorporated “light beam” effect. Created and incorporated ID hologram effect, including the effect that the woman is walking through it.

Shot 3: Electricity effect added using sapphire plugin. Red hot metal effect added.

Shot 4 & 5: CG Knife incorporated into shots.

Shot 6: Light beams added using volumerays. Light painted off of hand after the light turns off. Box animated lowering into desk. Clean plate created so that box could be animated.

Shot 7: Screen replacement: Large screen in the background was a greenscreen that was replaced. Footage on the top of the women behind thrown off the boat had wire removal and animation fixes to make her fall feel more natural. Reflection of screen added into the glass table. Footage added to glass table to make the table feel like a touch screen monitor.

Shot 8: Incorporated CG boxes into shot. Added the light beams and glowing effects from the projection poles to create the effect that the boxes are being projected.

Shot 9: Screen replacement for large projection screen, including putting smaller footage into the map.

Shot 10: CG missile incorporated into footage. Wires and rigs on actors removed.

Shot 11: Before and after of dove integration from Oz: The Great and Powerful. Handkerchief from original footage painted out. Dove from two other takes spliced together, tracked, and integrated into the handkerchief take.

Shot 12: Wire and rig removed from the flying character. Amulet embellished. Set extended on top. Blue screen removed.

Shot 13: Practical Iron Patriot painted out to be replaced with CG Iron Patriot.

Shot 14: Practical flip phone painted out to be replaced with smaller CG phone. Background crowd rebuilt.

Shot 15: Pole from footage painted out, footage retimed.

Shot 16 & shot 17: Wire and rig removal.

Shot 18: Stunt mat removed. 3D projection to remake the ground. Shadows keyed and rebuilt.

Shot 19: Wire removal. 3D leg matchmoved and texture projection to remove the underwear/shorts.

Shot 20: Wire removal.

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